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Originally trained in London, Trevor specialises in Food and drinks photography but has had many years of experience shooting people and locations for designers and advertising agencies around the world. His specialist knowledge includes techniques in shooting food but also beer, whiskey, wine and soft drinks. He works closely with food stylists, model makers and special effects experts and retouchers to create all kinds of imagery for clients.


 In2013 He began directing for TV commercials and for Digital content. The additional multitude of online platforms have created opportunities to redefine the way stills and motion are used to engage and entertain the customer. Trevor enjoys being involved right at the beginning of a project to create unique visual languages for every client.

Trevor's studio in Dublin is close to the city centre with a full kitchen, food storage areas and access to The Props Library, run by Eleanor Harpur,  where there is a huge collection of vintage and contemporary tableware, linens, boards and surfaces of all kinds. Trevor is represented by Sweet Media as a food director and Gallery Stock for selected stock photography.

CONTACT: 086 2530308